*Buddha’s Place


Please select a room for one, two or three nights. Rooms marked with an asterisk are double bed rooms, so you are able to share with a friend at no additional charge.

This reservation is for the Starkey RTA retreat held on October 2nd-4th, 2020

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When you first walk into this room, you’ll be lovingly greeted by a laughing Buddha statue, reminding us all to relinquish control of our lives and relish our time. With views of the Capitol building and downtown, this room evokes peace and meditation, with its East Asian-inspired décor and an antique 100-year-old Chinese rug. The hand-knotted work of art took four people six to eight months to hand-knot, and features lanterns and flowers, both prominent themes in Chinese culture. Mrs. Starkey’s primary religion and spirituality book collection from around the world is located here, with a hand-crafted wooden diorama of a Chinese village. Everyone says they sleep deeply in Buddha’s place, offering its own private fireplace, desk, and comfy chair especially for inspired meditation or reading.

Two full beds; with a private bathroom



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