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Service & the Relationship of Service plays an essential role in our lives no matter how advanced civilization becomes. Genuine service is the very fabric of a democratic society. Yet service as a profession has carried an amateur’s reputation. We say we are in a service era, yet the service industry has been most reluctant to develop sophisticated curriculums beyond basic technical skills to position service as an expertise or as a profession.



The Relationship of Service and Your Personal Statement Publication will show you the process and path to identify your perfect position and why. Service professionals are used to looking at the needs of their Employer, but not their own needs.  The wise person says, “a cup that is empty, has nothing to give”  This publication takes care of you, and introduces to you how special and gifted you are in the service profession.  We will guide you in developing your Personal Statement and identify your top three to four Service Standards, Service Style, and the Employer’s Service expectations and personality that is right for you. This knowledge will also help you develop a “Profile”  to present to clients on your behalf where they will quickly understand who you are, what you will bring them in quality, and your unique service style.  Students who have taken the course say they have learned much about themselves, they see themselves quite differently, there is an aspect of this publication that helps one manifest who you are.   When the name Starkey stands behind you, you are automatically positioned at the head of the line.

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