Mrs. Starkey’s Entertaining Etiquette and Protocols -EBOOK




Starkey’s Entertainment Publication has it all for  the high-net-worth home.  Developed over many years supporting our Entertainment curriculum, we have fully presented what we call The Ballet of Service.

The Formal Dinner from the hosts perspective, the servers perspective, and the guests perspective comes alive.

There is a comprehensive Event Planner for all occasions. We have presented appropriate Household Etiquette and International Etiquette.  Beverages including; coffees, teas, wines, and champagne traditions are discussed with appropriate service styles and of course cigars!  Try our varied and historically accurate table settings and table service styles: French, Russian, English, and American plated.

Our EBOOKS come in 3 versions.
Mobi for Kindle
Epub for PC & MAC
PDF for all devices
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