Mrs. Starkey’s Setting Household Standards


Setting Household Standards is a unique publication especially written by Mrs. Starkey for her high-net worth Principal Employers.

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Setting Household Standards is a unique publication especially written by Mrs. Starkey for her high-net-worth Principal Employers. It presents the role of the Employer in receiving service, what to expect from a Household Manager, and Management Tools for Accountability from Staff. It helps the Employer identify what Quality of Life means to them! It is a “must-have” guide and an excellent how-to for everyone new to building a new home and hiring Private Service Staff.

This publication is to managing a home what bookkeeping is to accounting. This book will give the beginning process of what to expect from your Private Service Manager and Staff in your home. What are the tools available, and the thinking process of running a High Net-worth home?  It presents functional Day in the Life schedules, position descriptions, and housekeeping plans.

Setting Household Standards presents what a Customized Service Plan looks like, and the questions required to complete a plan.   It also delineates how one sets up a home for service and accommodates  what the provider might need in order to carry out service in your home.  Designers  think about the principal’s and what they might need but rarely considers how the home should be positioned for the staff to effectively deliver service within the home.  This information will safe you $1000’s in remodeling costs.  It also gives recommendations and the does and don’ts for managing and keeping quality staff.

This publication has an exact replica of a customized Service Management  plan and also provides all the forms necessary to customize a Service Management Plan

Please take the next step in your learning process by acquiring this essential tool in setting your home up for service.  Starkey has been training and placing in Private Service for 4 decades.   Please also take the opportunity to let Starkey help you find your perfect Household or Estate Manager.  Contact us at  303-882-5510 or 303-888-5670

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