Alchemy of Cooking For the Private Chef 2nd Edition


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The Second Edition of the acclaimed book Alchemy of Cooking was written by many Chefs who spent years teaching and cooking at Starkey International most recently edited by Chef Dale Eiden. This publication is about the Private Chef, what they do, and what they need to know.  It covers many topics ranging from the administrative needs within a home, to the family’s Code of Ethics.  The Chef within a  home does his own shopping including paper products, the Chef creates menus that must be approved by his Employers, often is asked to make multiple entrees for other family members, and cleans his own pots and pans at the end of a long day.  Relationships in Service, particularly with the Household Chef can be  overwhelming if there is not a Household  or Estate Manager in the home.   This publication gives the potential Household Chef an eye view of many aspects of the overall role, and much more before  getting to the many favorite recipes for the high-net-worth employers.

Restaurant Chefs don’t often understand that its quite different cooking in a private home.  Employers and their families  do not want to eat fancy all the time but just a soup and salad will do.  Chef’s when interviewing often boast about who they have cooked for but cooking one meal for a VIP is also quite different than cooking for the same family day after day.  Restaurant Chefs  become bored and impatient. Further, it can be difficult for Employers to decide what foods they might want to eat in any one week, as opposed to going out to their favorite restaurants.  All kinds of diets will be requested, keeping up the pantry is essential, and Chefs often prefer that the family use a different kitchen from the one provided for the Household Chef so that the Chef does not have to constantly reset his kitchen, and clean the refrigerator. Finally, the family that entertains weekly can entice a higher level Chef than one that rarely entertains as the Chef will continue to fine tune his abilities as opposed to making the daily peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

As there are many cookbooks on ones shelves, there is no other book like this publication as it is written specifically for the Private Chef’s.   Its unique, interesting and truthful!


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