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Ms. Starkey’s Original Guide to Private Service Management is the Household Manager’s Bible. It took Starkey over 10 years to write this initial publication for her Graduates and the Private Service Profession and published it in 2007.  It served as Starkey’s initial text,  supporting each of its Household and Estate Management Programs. This 704 page manual presents Starkey’s patented Service Management System for Customizing, Managing, and Delivering Service Expectations.  It holds the Patented System’s knowledge, it describes in detail  the eleven Management tools unique to Private Service, it delineates all ten Service Standards, their depth and expanded knowledge,  and the visual presentation of the Starkey Service Management System.  It’s why we call it the Bible.  We published 1000 books, and only have about 50 left so we have now published the Original Guide in E Book format.  In 2018 we began to take each of the 10 Service Standards and expand the knowledge in many of them meeting current day products, particularly in Housekeeping and  Entertaining.  However, its most interesting that the basic knowledge in each of the Standards, as well as the Management System seems to be timeless.  One would say that this is Starkey’s modern day Original Guide as Emily Post might have written.  Sources for this publication were many ole-guard butlers Mrs. Starkey met both within the US and abroad, her reading in many of the no longer printed books by Emily Post, Leticia Baldridge and many others.  Mrs. Starkey would often say, I have been traveling the world meeting my clients and learning what service is from the different eras as well as from the different cultures.  If you have one, keep it.  If you have not yet ordered one, do so, this information will be pertinent for many decades to come, especially in the writings that reveal what the relationship of service really is.  The  highest level of Service anywhere, takes place in the private home.    

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